Optimus Pet® Potent Vials (10x12ml)

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Optimus Pet® Potent Vials (10x12ml)

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Long live your pets always!

Here's what makes all the difference:

Optimus Pet® contains one of highest natural sources of DNA & RNA (Cell repair & detoxification). It is plant-based, and there’s no fixed dosage like with synthetic supplements containing additives. 

Via Scientific Research, Optimus Pet® Won Multiple Awards For Its Ability To:
• Lower High-Triglycerides
• Reduce LDL (Cholesterol)
• Increase HDL (Good Cholesterol)
• Balance Blood Sugar Levels
• Strengthen Immune System

Just imagine what your fur-friends'll be getting:

Beneficial for all animals, from kittens to puppies, young to old pets & sick to  healthy pets.

The Potent Vials contain the highest concentration of 'natural ligands' or 'PPAR agonists', designed to support optimal transport of nutrients and detoxification from vital organs and body systems.


Mix 1 vial into the drinking water or raw/dry/wet food.

1-2 vials/day for all animals.

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