Optimus Pet® Powder

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Optimus Pet® Powder

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Long live your pets always!

Here's what makes all the difference:

Optimus Pet® contains one of highest natural sources of DNA & RNA (Cell repair & detoxification). It is plant-based, and there’s no fixed dosage like with synthetic supplements containing additives. 

Via Scientific Research, Optimus Pet® Won Multiple Awards For Its Ability To:
• Lower High-Triglycerides
• Reduce LDL (Cholesterol)
• Increase HDL (Good Cholesterol)
• Balance Blood Sugar Levels
• Strengthen Immune System

Just imagine what your fur-friends'll be getting:

Beneficial for all animals, from kittens to puppies, young to old pets & sick to  healthy pets.

The powder is especially suitable for small animals with more sensitive stomachs.

The powder is designed to have a large surface area for better digestion as well as having a softer, more gentle texture.

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Smaller Animals (E.g. Hamster) - 1 g/Day

Small Dog/Cat/Bunny - 2-3g/Day

Average Sized Dog/Cat - 4g/Day

Larger Dog/Cat - 6g/Day

Best taken 30 min/1 hour before meals. Can also be mixed with raw/dry/wet food.

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