Dr PPARs® Powder

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Dr PPARs® Powder

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Live the life you deserve

Not everyone understands this:

Dr PPARs Powder contains pure "natural ligands" extracted and concentrated from an ultra-rich, nutritious microalgae.  

This microalgae is patented by Dr Wang Shun Te (former NASA scientist, microbiologist) and confirmed to contain high levels of "Natural Ligands".

"Natural Ligands" are "DNA Activators" that ensure fast and sniper-accurate delivery of nutrients to their target organs. and are designed to support optimal function of organs and body systems, including pancreas, heart, liver, brain and bones.

This makes all the difference:

Certified Halal & Vegan. Plant-based, with no fixed dosages like synthetic supplements. No additives, fillers or binders.

Dr PPARs Powder does not contain animal products. Purely plant based..

The microalgae itself is grown in Taiwan in an area 100km away from any factories, using chemical-free groundwater dug 2km, and pristine sunshine.

The unsurpassed challenge:

To find a natural whole-food that's in the same league.

Are you ready to start living the truth today?

For Children - 1 Scoop Per Day*

For Adults - 1-2 Scoops Per Day*

*Scoop is included with product

Best taken on an empty stomach, 30 min before or 1 hour after meals, with a glass/cup of water.

Take with Dr PPARs tablets for optimal nutrition support.

Consult us or our nutritionists to know more for other health issues, please call 94575347.

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