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  • Dr PPARs®
    Dr PPARs®

    It’s been dubbed “The Intelligent Superfood” because Dr PPARs® takes Nutrient Absorption – Assimilation – Distribution & Toxin Elimination to a Whole New Level! ​

    The Ultimate Biohacker & Epigenetic Superfood Has Arrived!​

    It is a species of the Microscopic-Algae! Microalgae are planet earth’s most nutrient-dense food. The oldest plants that defied extinction from pre-historic times to present day multi-tasking superfood for the nutritional deprived! Microalgae are very important to the food chain, known as “primary producers”, living organisms that convert sunlight & inorganic chemicals into usable energy for other living organisms. Serving as the main supply of “high energy” food for larger organisms like zooplankton, which in turn are eaten by small fish. Small fish are in turn eaten by larger fish, & both small & large fish are eaten by mammals, raptors, & humans. ​

    This 3rd Generation Dr PPARs® also contains Whole Grapes Concentrate. Grapes contain Flavonoids, Pterostilbene & Resveratrol – they’re a class of Polyphenols that act as ​ antioxidants, neutralizing harmful free radicals that would otherwise damage cells & increase our risk of conditions like cancer, diabetes, & heart disease! ​

    Dr PPARs® has Ultra-Thin Cell Wall that requires the least energy to digest (approx 1-2 hrs). Research shows the quicker the digestion, the more energy reserved for internal & external battles! Assimilation Time For Meat – Fish 4-5 hrs Beef / Pork / Lamb – 8 hrs. Fried or Barbequed Meat – 12 hrs. Your body uses 20 to 30 percent more energy just to break down protein.​

  • Optimus Pet®
    Optimus Pet®

    We have one simple goal: to nurture and nourish your precious companions to optimum health. We know how much you care for your furry, feathery, leathery or scaly family member… That is why we have created a winning formula for you to help them defend, preserve and create life. While you are here with us, Optimus Pet is your pet’s new health companion and our aim is to ensure they have everything they need to be happy and healthy.

    Zare International founded in 2010, with the promise of nurturing your animal companions back to a healthy equilibrium through natural, holistic products. Our conviction that certain diseases in pets could be combated and prevented through natural nourishment propelled the discovery of a groundbreaking winning health formula for all animals. The result is Optimus Pet , a clinical innovation that sprang to life after years of Phytotherapy Research, winning multiple health awards and headed by a strong commitment to deliver nutritional excellence and quality to all our customers.

    To embody this ideal, our name Optimus Pet was derived from the word ‘optimus’ which is synonymous with bringing out the best in your pet, promoting longevity and achieving the highest quality of life.

  • A La Maison De Provence
    A La Maison De Provence

    The exquisite French milling technique dates back to 1828, resulting in the highest quality, compact, long lasting soaps. Suitable for both hands and body, cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and biodegradable, this luxurious brand is available in a selection of different scents.

  • Botanica Culture
    Botanica Culture

    Home to one of the highest quality of undiluted, organic essentials oils (ZERO carrier oils used) and the famous organic liquid toothpaste (so safe you can swallow it!), The Organic Sanctuary is proud to present these products as part of the lifestyle we envision.

  • Celtic Sea Salt
    Celtic Sea Salt

    Celtic Sea Salt is not only lower in sodium gram-for-gram, it is easy to use and comes in a variety of flavours for use in cooking, seasoning, fruits and salads. Everyone is sure to find something they would love!

  • Dalan

    Dalan specialises in using pure olive oil to bring out your natural beauty. With 70 years of experience, be awed by how these healthy oils can moisturize, nourish and strengthen both your skin and your hair.

  • Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks
    Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks

    Love that energy, not the crashes? Crave the refreshment, not the calories? Game for 100% organic without the taurine and additives? Then welcome the dark horse of all drinks. Oops. Make that the dark dog. Enjoy all of the above in awesome flavours of your choice: Original, Coconut Water, Blood Orange or Cranberry Mint.

  • Dr Seed
    Dr Seed

    Dr Seed’s shampoos and bodywash boast at least 19 natural extracts and yet retains a pH at 5-6, similar and compatible with our own skin!

  • Go Pure
    Go Pure

    Honey has had a long history & is without a doubt the healthier, natural alternative to white sugar. And Go Pure’s range of honeys are arguably one of the highest qualities there are – free samples available in our shops!

  • Green Tropic
    Green Tropic

    One of the leading experts on sanitizers and insect repellents in Singapore, this brand really needs no further introductions. Enjoy only top quality protection against harmful mosquitoes, insects, bacteria and germs.

  • Nuyolk

    With a special feed of Probiotics + 14 Special Herbs, Including Ginseng & Lactobacillus, & Spirulina given to Nuyolk’s hens, what else would we expect other than an outstanding nutrition profile, flavour and texture? Even kids and nutritonists will love this.

  • PPC Wild Herbs
    PPC Wild Herbs

    PPC Wild Herbs’ range of shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated for different hair solutions.

    Free from animal products or testing, artificial colours, perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate!

  • Spoons

    Without going through any refining, deodorizing or bleaching process, Spoon’s innovative HEVCO technology extracts the purest and healthiest virgin coconut oil with high MCTs + antioxidants for your health!

  • Straits Wholefoods Company
    Straits Wholefoods Company

    This brand is famous among organic stores for it’s “Masarang Arenga Forest Sugar” – it’s nutritional quality surpasses that of white OR brown sugar. Find out why, and be amazed here!

  • S3 Group
    S3 Group

    S3 Group is the proud owner of the famous Pineapple Enzyme Drink – loved by adults and children, this beverage would make a great addition to any meal or time of the day!

  • True Foods Australia
    True Foods Australia

    True Foods Australia promises and delivers high quality foods from the land down under itself, such as pesticide and chemical-free chia seeds. Come and taste the difference!

  • Zare Face Mask
    Zare Face Mask


    Moisturizes nourishes preserves USA & Singapore Patent Harvest

    Formulated with 2 of the most resilient plants (Macro & Micro-Algae) on earth. These plants have withstood the harshest environment known to man since time immemorial. Imagine what they will do to protect your precious youthful skin? Záře Face Mask compliments all your ongoing facial spa regimes, serves as an important support base for enhancing nutrient absorption from other creams you may choose to use & acts as a potent layer of protection against the everyday use of cosmetics.