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About Us

Brought to you by Záře International, The Organic Sanctuary are our concept organic boutique stores located at Camden Medical Centre and Tanjong Pagar Centre. Purveyors of the best and finest quality organic goods, blessing your health with integrity, purity and wellness. Invigorate your mind, body and soul with our complete range of fresh produce, natural remedies, personal care, household and beauty products from the most ethical organic producers around the world.

Our mission is down-to-earth – to build an organic sanctuary that cultivates and integrates organic consumption and practices to the fullest. We firmly believe that organic is something everyone can partake in and benefit from, from infants to the elderly, vegetarians to patients. We hope to inspire and advocate consumers about organic plant-based regimens and help them nourish and transform their health in innovative and fruitful ways. Our vision is to make organic the conventional choice and the norm, thereby creating a community that leads healthy, organic and sustainable lives.